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The Adventure Catechism 40-Lesson series is designed to take children on a journey through the Catholic faith!

Each Volume contains 5 short lessons to help children grow in faith.

Each set includes one Adventure Catechism Reader and one Adventure Catechism Coloring & Activity Book.

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Catholic Bible Storybook and Sunday Mass Readings and Activity book

This Advent, CatholicBrain is offering an exciting gift pack, the Catholic Bible Storybook Bundle.  This bundle includes the new Catholic Bible Storybook and coloring book, with interactive app, as well as the Sunday Mass Activity Book for the entire upcoming liturgical year.

CatholicBrain’ Catholic Bible Storybook is unique among children’s Bibles for a number of reasons.  The first is that it is explicitly Catholic.  Throughout the Catholic Bible Storybook, families will be shown how our Catholic doctrines and practices are thoroughly biblical.  As children learn about the Last Supper, for example, they will be shown how Jesus instituted both the Holy Eucharist and the Catholic priesthood at the time.  As they read about the flood of Noah and the Israelites’ passage through the Red Sea, they will learn to see them as foreshadowing of the sacrament of Baptism.

Focusing the 52 beautifully animated Bible stories around Salvation History, the Catholic Bible Storybook introduces children to typology in the Bible in an age-appropriate way.  For example, children will be shown the connection of the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb with Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary, with the holy sacrifice of the Mass.  They will see the manna that God provided the Israelites in the desert as a foreshadowing of Christ, the “true bread that came down from Heaven,” which is given to us in Holy Communion.

For a children’s Bible that helps families see the organic union of the Old Testament with the New Testament in a way that is unapologetically Catholic, Faith Platforms’ Catholic Bible Storybook is a welcome addition to the world of children’s Bibles.

Beyond only the children’s Bible, the Catholic Bible Storybook includes a coloring book and an interactive app, which includes many animated Bible videos based on the 52 stories in the Bible Storybook.  The videos (still under production) will also be available for purchase on DVD.

The Sunday Mass Activity Book, which is also part of the gift bundle, gives kids an in-depth, hands-on experience with the Sunday Mass readings for every Sunday of the liturgical year.  For each Sunday of the upcoming cycle year B, children will get the Gospel reading with a reflection, discussion questions, vocabulary activities, and a short quiz.  The Mass Activity Book also has a word search and coloring page for each Sunday.  It is a wonderful, fun way to connect children with the Gospels and the Holy Mass.

The Catholic Bible Storybook Bundle is an excellent gift option to help children fall in love with Jesus and our Catholic faith through the Bible and the Holy Mass.